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Agro Tractor House is a close corporation established in 2004. Agro Tractor House imports agricultural equipment and machinery, manufactures agricultural trailers with SABS approval certificate and produce small standard fertilizer spreader with Bredal A/S.

We have good relationships and agreements with European manufacturers. We supply these goods to the African market in countries such as Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Agro Tractor House (ATH) currently employs 8 permanent and 2 temporary employees and Danish expatriates who have experience in the agricultural sector for 40 years.

ATH has also outsourced its services such as Accounting, logistics and legal advisors to enhance its business and promote other small business.

ATH revenue is growing very quickly and continuing to attract sales orders on the back of an aggressive marketing strategy. Since its inception ATH has won Begin Believe Become award under Techno serve in 2008, won an Emerging Export Award for 2009 through JCCI, ATH was nominated and came third for the Africa Growth Award 2010 and was finalist for TWIB Award in 2012.


• To grow ATH into the pre-eminent supplier for agricultural machinery on the African continent.

• ATH hopes to actively participate in the current continental drive to grow and transform the
  agricultural sector in Africa so that Africa can more adequately provide its own food needs as
  well as create jobs and a livelihood for its people.

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