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TAFE 45 DI 35 KW 2 WD
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Agro Tractor House | Sell and supply machinery and tractors

Agro Tractor House is a close corporation with license to import and export. Our aim is to sell and supply machinery and tractors for the agricultural sector.

Our products come from the best manufactures of agricultural machines which, in co-operation with factories from different countries in Europe, produce a wide range of quality machines for agricultural farming.

Tractor Maintenance:

In addition to selling high quality tractors that meet our customers’ needs, Agro Tractor House is also committed to the continuous maintenance of the tractors so as to ensure that they provide the best service to the customer throughout their lifetime.

Supply of spare parts

Agro Tractor House delivers spares for all brands of tractors, including:

Mc CORMICH, FARMTRAC, SAME, Bredal fertilizer spreaders
and Prastbro Tip Trailers.

Workshop and facilities

Agro Tractor House has a fully equipped workshop, where
our qualified technicians are able to service and
repair tractors.

Field service

Qualified technicians from Agro Tractor House are
available 24/7 to assist the customer on site with
any maintenance issues regarding the tractors
(as shown on picture).

Service tool kit

Agro Tractor House provides customers with a service tool kit (as shown above)
with all Tafe tractors.

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The key words concerning our products are:

• High quality

• Easy maintenance

• Competitive prices

We are committed to providing excellent service, supplying of spare parts, and offer reasonable delivery times as well as competitive prices.

Agro Tractor House
Products & Services

Agro Tractor House offers excellent after-sales service.

We stock spare parts for Massey Ferguson and Tafe tractors and have a fully equipped workshop where our technicians can attend to all of your maintenance needs.

Our products include:

• Lime/fertilizer/manure spreaders

• Rear tipping trailers: From 2.5 to 16 tons

• Tractors: Massey Ferguson & Tafe 2WD
  and 4 WD From 35 KW to 61.1 KW

• Assorted agricultural machinery

Field service Service tool kit